Dufort Associates Product Design & Development

Dufort Associates, founded in 1997, is a unique Product Design & Development Company located in the heart of Cornwall in the UK. We have in-house facilities which enable us to provide models and prototypes as well as short production runs. We also have extensive experience of manufacturing in Europe and Asia when mass production is required.

Our work covers a broad range of areas including Air Care, Electronics, Toy Development as well as Promotional Products. This work is done for clients from around the world. We have considerable experience in mechanism development and products with electronic content. 

Design and Product Development

We offer all stages of Product Development from advising at the point of concept to supplying the final product. Clients may require some or all of the stages below.

  • Original product ideas.
  • Development of the client's ideas with sketches and simple models.
  • First stage CAD and detailed models for proof of concept.
  • Fully worked CAD models with 3D printed prototypes for detailed evaluation.
  • Full CAD for production quotations and manufacturer input.
  • Delivery of short run prototypes for in-market evaluation.
  • Handover of full production specification for client's own production facility.
  • In-house or outsourced production of short and medium runs as required by the client.



Resourced to deliver innovation

Our team comprises of four fully qualified Industrial Designers with a wide range of skills and over 60 years experience. Francis Dufort is a founder of renowned design company Kinneir Dufort which is based in Bristol.

We deliver innovative design and engineering solutions with appropriate contemporary aesthetics. Mechanisms are a speciality particularly in our toy development work.

We have in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Machining (CAM), Injection moulding tooling and injection moulding up to 45 Grams shot weight. In addition we have a full range of model making equipment including two Ultimaker 2 3D printers and a Form 2 SLA printer.

We have a great breadth of model making skills and are capable of providing any prototype requirement. If a particular project requires it we have highly experienced partners who can deliver any missing links in the development chain.